Development of Phrasal Verbs

Do young children learning phrasal verbs learn them as one unit or two? To answer this question, I have two more specific questions: (1) When learning phrasal verbs, do children make mistakes inverting the preposition and pronoun? (2) Do they use many noun + preposition constructions as “proto-verb” constructions?


An Examination of Child-Child vs Child-Adult Speech

What are the differences between child-child and child-adult speech, with emphasis
on mean length of utterance and type/token frequency?

Acquisition of Comparison Constructions as a Function of Input

Does input frequency influence the order of acquisition of comparison constructions – specifically the regular, comparative, and superlative forms – of size adjectives? Do children hear regular forms most frequently in their input, followed by comparatives, and lastly superlatives? Does this order predict the order of acquisition of these forms?

Determiner Acquisition in English and Spanish

We wanted to see the rate at which Spanish monolingual speaking children would acquire and produce the determiners “la/el/las/los,” in an adult like way, when compared to English monolingual speakers acquisition and production of “the”. We also wanted to see which Spanish determiner would be produced first.

But Why??: Use and Distribution of Wh-Words

We present a three-pronged approach to the topic of wh-words: (1) What percentage of a child’s speech is dedicated to wh-words, (2) How the mother’s usage input affects the child’s output, and (3) How each wh-word develops over time—specifically, acquisition order, the wh-word “which,” and the dominance of wh-words.

Use of Repetition in Language Learning

What effect does correct plural token frequency in adult input have on children’s overregularization of plural nouns? What effect does age have on children’s overregularization of plural nouns?